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Corporate Retiree, Wealth Coach, Public Speaker and Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) 

Prior to Gage St. Society, I was Fre - a Hampton Alum and Forensic Accountant at a Big Four firm effectively using my undergrad and graduate degrees in Accounting to build a successful career in Corporate America. 


Let's go back a bit further to high school, this is where my passion for personal finance began. My passion for learning and understanding money developed as 3 pivotal moments in my life were happening simultaneously: (1) landed my first job at Long John Silver, (2) got my first car - a used Toyota Camry, and (3) opened my first credit card - which I still have today. Being an enthusiastic learner, I began researching - partly out of necessity - the intricacies of budgeting, saving, reducing debt and investing. 


As a young adult, I enjoyed applying the lessons I was learning and seeing tangible benefits. I didn't have the language back then to describe my actions, but essentially, I was creating wealth. I've never stopped learning or applying my knowledge since. 

After over a decade in Corporate America (and during a global pandemic), I had a reflective period. During that time, I realized that it was no longer sufficient to share my knowledge with just my inner circle. I developed an unrelenting desire to share my knowledge with the world in an authentic, transparent and relatable way. So, I retired myself and.......

Gage St. Society was born!

The journey of wealth creation begins with understanding your WHY

Fre Greene

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