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Meet Fre 

Corporate Retiree, Wealth Coach, Public Speaker and Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI)

A passion pursued becomes a movement for the masses. My passion is helping you build wealth by sharing easy, stress reducing strategies to budget, save, reduce debt, invest and trade for lasting financial impact. 

Gage St. Society's mission is to provide simple personal finance education that empowers you to take steps toward creating wealth until it becomes normal for you!


We focus on the following personal finance topics to facilitate your wealth creation journey.......


Reducing Debt




Can you relate?


does this sound like you?

managing money is stressful or difficult 

mounting debt with no clear plan to eliminate

lacking a savings to protect from financial emergencies

missing out on milestones in life because there's no financial clarity

imagine this......

managing money is easy and effortless 

eliminating annoying debt based on an actionable plan

creating a well funded savings that brings peace of mind

enjoying milestones in life without financial concern


Start Your Journey

Money Clarity Consult - 1 session

Not sure which service you need? Book today and we'll figure it out together!

45 min


Blissful Budgeting Blueprint - 3 Sessions

Receive a simple yet effective method to manage money that provides financial clarity.


1 hr per session


Smart Spending Guide - 3 Sessions

Receive a thorough audit of your expenses to get the most value out of your money.


1 hr per session


Debt Demolition Roadmap - 3 Sessions

Receive a debt elimination plan to finally get rid of that pesky debt.


1 hr per session



Here what other clients are saying.........

Fre is truly an expert and passionate about her work. She was very helpful, detailed, and patient in answering my questions about lowering rates with supplemental insurances, credit card payment programs and the impact to my credit score/history. With her expertise, I was able to save money and enroll in programs that are beneficial for me in the long run. She was responsive and equipped with critical information to make an informed decision. I am forever grateful. 

E. Bates

Brooklyn, NY

Fre's personality resonated well with our student demographic. It amazed us how she captivated our accounting students in the breakout sessions. The students enjoyed discussing financial literacy and freedom. Indeed, if our session was not timed, the students would have kept her inundated with questions indefinitely. We could not thank her enough for joining our panel discussions as a panel member. Fre's feedback was well received and invaluable to all in the audience. The faculty was excited to observe her energy and eagerness to engage with the students, faculty and other panel members. We look forward to having her back on campus. 

Dr. A. Hannah

Atlanta, GA

The options trading course was thorough and enriching. Fre emphasized the mindset of being a profitable trader. Initially, I thought it would take months of paper trading and studying to build confidence, but I truly feel like I have confidence to trade right now! As long as you practice what Fre teaches, you will win. Great course. Great instructor. 


Atlanta, GA

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